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Empower Your Legal Career with AI
Draft and research better with the help of AI
1.5+ Hour Workshop

Learn AI Tools That Change The Way You Practice Law!

AI-Powered Legal Research

Discover how AI can turbocharge your legal research, instantly sorting through mountains of data to find relevant case law and statutes.

Automated Legal Drafting

Explore AI tools that streamline the drafting process, ensuring accuracy and consistency across legal documents with less manual effort.

AI in Case Prediction and Analysis

Learn how AI algorithms can predict legal outcomes and analyze past rulings to aid in the strategic planning of cases and argument strategies.

That’s why we created

a workshop

to help you master your legal AI

Master Legal AI With Lawlevelup!

Total 1.5+ Workshop Duration
Gain insights into how AI is revolutionizing legal studies and practice
Experience hands-on demonstrations of AI tools that can optimize case management, document review, and legal analysis

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What will you learn ?

Module 1

Introduction to legal AI

Exploring why 'Legal AI' is important.
How to use 'Legal AI' to your advantage
Some important statistics on 'Legal AI'

Module 2

Exploring use cases of AI

Exploring different use cases of AI with practical examples
Understanding why to use AI in particular use cases
Expert insights in using AI in law student journey
Expert insights in using AI in a lawyers journey

Module 3

Forming arguments & counter arguments

Learn to leverage AI's data-processing power to build solid, evidence-based arguments grounded in legal precedents
Utilize AI to anticipate and prepare for potential counterarguments, strengthening your position with responsive strategies
Discover how AI can help break down complex legal questions into structured arguments and counterpoints for better clarity.

Module 4

Summarising case laws & articles

Use AI for rapid summary of case laws, extracting and summarizing key legal principles and rulings to support your case preparation
Employ AI brainstorming tools to expand your creative process
Empower your legal research with AI's ability to process vast amounts of legal texts, providing you with relevant summaries that inform your legal strategy

Module 5

Brainstorming idea for research papers/articles

Employ creative strategies to generate unique and compelling topics for legal research papers and articles that address current legal challenges
Leverage legal AI to identify new topics
Summarise live articles and find legal gaps to base your articles/papers
Create sub-topics and arguments based on brainstorming

Module 6

Legal drafting & document review

Grasp how AI tools streamline the drafting process, from creating complex legal documents to customizing clauses based on legal requirements.
Learn the techniques AI uses to meticulously scan and evaluate contracts and legal documents for errors, inconsistencies, and risk assessment
Understand how AI organizes and categorizes legal documents, providing easy retrieval and better management of legal information.

Module 7

Learning law & personal branding

Master the art of crafting engaging opening statements that grab the reader’s attention
Gain insights into structuring the content of your cover letter to highlight your most relevant experiences and skills
Understand the importance of a strong closing that reaffirms your interest in the position
Cover letter demonstration of top law student

Who is this course for ?

For Students Entering Law School

Embark on your academic pursuit equipped with the right mindset. This module prepares you for the intellectual and emotional challenges of law school, providing foundational strategies for success.

For 1st-3rd Year Law Students

Dive into the core academic and practical skills that will form the bedrock of your early legal studies. This module equips you with the necessary tools for excelling in the initial and crucial years of law school.

For 3rd-5th Year Law Students

Navigate the transition from law school to career with strategic planning. Discover how to leverage your academic work and extracurriculars into a compelling professional journey.

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What if I miss a class?

We provide recording of every class, so even if you miss a class you can watch the recording

How long can I access the classes?

1 Year

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