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Certificate Course on Practical Legal AI 

+ Learn essential AI technologies that are reshaping how students learn and practice law

+ 7 Hour Recorded Course with doubt solving classes

Learn AI Tools That Level Up Your Legal Studies!

AI-Powered Legal Research for Students

Discover how AI can enhance your study sessions by quickly finding relevant case law and statutes, making your research more efficient and comprehensive.

Automated Legal Drafting Skills

Explore AI tools that simplify the drafting process, teaching you to create accurate and consistent legal documents with minimal effort, perfect for class assignments and internships.

AI in Prediction and Analysis

Learn how AI algorithms not only predict legal outcomes but also provide insights for preparing moot court competitions and understanding complex legal scenarios.

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Bonus 1 -  Law Prompt Sheet
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What will you learn ?

Module 1

Introduction to legal AI

Exploring why 'Legal AI' is important.
How to use 'Legal AI' to your advantage
Some important statistics on 'Legal AI'

Module 2

Exploring use cases of AI

Exploring different use cases of AI with practical examples
Understanding why to use AI in particular use cases
Expert insights in using AI in law student journey
Exploring various legal AI tool that can help you achieve your use cases

Module 3

AI-Powered CV Crafting

Learn how to use AI to craft resumes that stand out
AI tools to optimize your CV for keyword recognition
Gain hands-on experience with AI-based platforms to create dynamic resumes that adapt to various legal job applications
Understand how to interpret AI-driven feedback on your CVs and use it to make iterative improvements

Module 4

AI for Making Presentations in Seconds

Master how to use AI to quickly get visually appealing and content-rich presentations
Use AI tools to refine your presentation's persuasive elements, ensuring your legal arguments are compelling and effectively communicated
Create PPTs in less than 10 seconds

Module 5

Prompt Generation - Basic & Advanced

Master loop chaining and sequencing for advanced prompt generation
Learn to formulate prompts that give you the desired results
Understand the structure of a prompt and its various factors that get you a result

Module 6

Summarising case laws & articles

Use AI for rapid summary of case laws, extracting and summarizing key legal principles and rulings to support your case preparation
Employ AI brainstorming tools to expand your creative process
Empower your legal research with AI's ability to process vast amounts of legal texts, providing you with relevant summaries that inform your legal strategy

Module 7

Brainstorming idea for research papers/articles

Employ creative strategies to generate unique and compelling topics for legal research papers and articles that address current legal challenges
Leverage legal AI to identify new topics
Summarise live articles and find legal gaps to base your articles/papers
Create sub-topics and arguments based on brainstorming

Module 8

Forming arguments & counter arguments

Learn to leverage AI's data-processing power to build solid, evidence-based arguments grounded in legal precedents
Utilize AI to anticipate and prepare for potential counterarguments, strengthening your position with responsive strategies
Discover how AI can help break down complex legal questions into structured arguments and counterpoints for better clarity.

Module 9

Legal Writing & Legal Research

Use of AI tools for humanising AI content
Using effective legal research strategies that saves 10x time
Using effective legal writing strategies that build solid foundation of arguments

Module 10

Legal drafting & document review

Draft with the help of AI tools - from creating complex legal documents to customizing clauses based on your requirements -  helpful in competitions
Learn the AI tricks to scan and evaluate contracts and legal documents for errors and inconsistencies
Understand how AI can automate legal drafting with the help of the BONUS DRAFTS

Module 11

Learning law & personal branding

Learn how to develop a personal brand that reflects your unique strengths and legal expertise
AI automation - legal knowledge with personal branding strategies to enhance your professional networks
Develop the ability to present your legal skills and accomplishments through various channels
Explore how AI technology can enhance traditional learning methods

Module 12

[LIVE] Doubt Class Based on Past Modules

Interactive sessions to address AI application questions
Personalized solutions through applied prompt formulas
Direct problem-solving with example-driven clarifications

Who is this course for ?

For Students Entering Law School

Start your law school experience with a strong foundation in AI technologies. Learn how AI can simplify your study routines and enhance your ability to analyse legal texts, preparing you for success from day one

For 1st-3rd Year Law Students

Use powerful AI tools to deepen your understanding of complex legal theories and case law. Engage with AI softwares and research tools that bring your makes your coursework easy.

For 3rd-5th Year Law Students

Leverage AI to bridge the gap between academic and your future legal career. Gain practical skills in AI-driven legal drafting and case analysis and be professional ready for the challenges of the legal industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will we get certificate for the course?

Yes, sample certificate is displayed above. You will get the certificate once you finish the tests and the classes

What if I miss a class?

We provide recording of every class, so even if you miss a class you can watch the recording

How long can I access the classes?

1 Year

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