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Learn to think, research, analyse and write
Know how to get published in top journals
5+ Hour recorded course

Learn How To Write Research Papers That Get Published!

Enhance Your Research 

Master the art of legal research to construct authoritative papers that speak volumes. 

Write With Impact

Transform your legal arguments into captivating texts that commands attention.

Publish Your Work

Strategically select where your research should make its mark. Receive insider tips on the publishing process.

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to help you learn notice drafting in a practical manner

Master the Art of Legal Research & Writing With NLU Expert

Total 5+ Hours Course Duration
Acquire the skills to conduct in-depth legal research and create compelling legal arguments
Delve into a curriculum crafted by seasoned NLU professionals, bridging theory with practical application

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What will you learn ?

Module 1

Foundations of Advanced Legal Research and Writing

Understand the fundamentals of conducting legal research and the importance of reliable sources
Learn the art of legal writing, including structure, clarity, and argumentation
Explore the process of converting research into well-organized, persuasive legal documents

Module 2

Questions of Topicality

Identify and prioritize legal issues that are most pertinent and likely to impact current legal discourse
Analyze how recent changes in law affect the relevance of legal topics for research and writing
Master the skill of selecting legal issues for research that are both timely and have a significant impact on the field
Understand how to construct arguments around topical legal issues

Module 3

How do we research?

Methodologies and strategies for conducting thorough legal research
Discern and evaluate the reliability and relevance of various legal documents and sources
Acquire techniques for efficiently extracting and applying research findings to your legal writing
Gain hands-on experience with real-world research scenarios

Module 4

Elite Legal Writing - Stages & Pre-stages of Legal Writing

Unpack the stages of legal writing, from preliminary research to finalizing a polished document
Learn how to construct arguments that are persuasive, coherent, and legally sound
Master the skill of self-editing to produce clear, concise, and impactful legal documents
Develop the ability to critically analyze legal issues and translate your analysis into structured writing

Module 5

Identifying where to publish - Mistakes to avoid

Learn about specific mistakes to avoid in the submission process
Master the process of addressing feedback and critiques from peer reviewers and editors constructively
Understand how to select appropriate journals and platforms for publication considering factors like audience, impact factor, and area of law
Practical insights and real-world example

Module 6

Final MCQ Test

Test your knowledge
Get insights on where you lack and improve with us
Take a time based test based on the course
Give us feedback and help us further improve the course for everyone

Who is this course for ?

Law students

Embark on a journey to mastering legal research and writing—a foundational skill set for any legal career. This course delivers immersive, hands-on training to sharpen your analytical prowess

Lawyers & Advocates

Elevate your practice with advanced techniques in legal research and persuasive writing. This course refines your ability to craft compelling arguments, ensuring you provide top-tier representation for your clients.

Interested in Research & Writing

Uncover the methodology behind effective research, learn the art of crafting influential legal articles, and prepare to contribute to leading legal discussions.

Get Published In The Top Journals Of The World !

Keynote Speaker For the Course


Mr. Prakhar Ganguly is an assistant professor of Labour Laws at NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad. He has more than half a decade of experience in legal academia. He has published in reputed journals published by Sage. He is an incoming PhD scholar at Max Planck Institute for Legal Theory and Legal History, Frankfurt (Germany).

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Yes, sample certificate is displayed above. You will get the certificate once you finish the tests and the classes

What if I miss a class?

We provide recording of every class, so even if you miss a class you can watch the recording

How long can I access the classes?

1 Year

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