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Learn to craft persuasive, logically structured legal arguments
Develop robust research methodologies for authoritative arguments
5+ Hour recorded course

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Refine Your Legal Research 

Develop mastery in legal research to build airtight cases for moot court. Dive into precedents and case law to construct arguments that stand up to the toughest scrutiny. 

Argue With Confidence

Transform your oral and written advocacy into a persuasive force in moot court competitions. Learn to articulate arguments with clarity, confidence, and impact.

Strategize to Win

Master the strategy behind successful moot court presentations. Gain insights on how to structure your arguments, respond to judges’ questions, and make your case with compelling authority.

That’s why we created

a course

to help you learn moot court in a practical manner

Master the Art of Moot Court With Lawlevelup!

Total 5+ Hours Course Duration
Acquire the skills to conduct in-depth legal research and create compelling legal arguments
Delve into a curriculum crafted by seasoned NLU professionals, bridging theory with practical application

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What will you learn ?

Module 1

Introduction to Moot Court: Purpose and significance of moot court competitions

Getting your intent with SWOT test
Discover the strategic role of moot courts in legal education and career development
Gain insights into the preparation and skills necessary for success in national and international moot competitions

Module 2

Research Techniques: Learning Effective Strategies for Conducting Legal Research

Develop targeted research strategies to support your moot court case theories
Learn to sift through case law and statutes effectively to find persuasive precedents
Understand how to legally analyze problems and craft arguments that will stand up in a moot court setting
Get practical expert led advice on how to do effective research

Module 3

Drafting of Memorial: Practicing the art of drafting a persuasive and well-structured memorial

Master the art of drafting winning moot court memorials with precision and clarity
Delve into techniques for constructing a persuasive legal argument based on factual and legal grounds
Learn to present a coherent case by weaving research, law, and policy into a compelling memorial
Get practical expert led advice on how to do effective drafting

Module 4

Mastering The Oral Round: Perfecting the skill of delivering compelling oral arguments

Develop your public speaking and argumentative skills to excel in moot court oral rounds
Explore the nuances of non-verbal communication, courtroom decorum, and time management
Get practical insights to practice responding to judges’ questions with confidence
Improve your structuring with expert led advice to deliver better arguments

Module 5

Secret Tips of Winning in a moot court: Know how the experts win their moot court competitions

Gain exclusive insights from seasoned moot court winner on strategy and preparation
Uncover the do’s and don’ts of effective moot court advocacy, from research to argumentation
Learn how to analyze and adapt to moot problems with critical thinking and legal acumen
Get advice on effective team collaboration and time management to enhance your performance

Module 6

Leveraging AI in Your Moot Court Competitions

Discover how AI can revolutionize your moot court preparation, from research to presentation
Learn to utilize AI for advanced legal analytics, ensuring comprehensive coverage of case law
Understand how to employ AI tools for efficient legal writing and argument construction
Get practical training on AI that can simulate courtroom scenarios and judge questions

Module 6

Final Assessment & MCQ Test

Test your knowledge
Get insights on where you lack and improve with us
Take a time based test based on the course
Give us feedback and help us further improve the course for everyone

Who is this course for ?

Moot Court Beginners (Law Students)

Start your legal journey in the simulated courtroom. This course provides you with the foundational tactics of legal research and the strategy of legal writing essential for moot court success.

Experienced Mooters

Take your moot court skills to the next level. This course is designed to polish your research acumen and enhance your argumentation finesse. Perfect the delivery of oral and written advocacy that distinguishes you in competitive moot court environments.

Interested in Moot Courts

Explore the dynamics of moot court competitions. Gain insights into the preparation process, from initial research to the nuances of legal drafting, and understand what makes an argument persuasive in the heat of mock trials.

Claim Victory in Top Moot Court Competitions Worldwide!

Keynote Speaker For the Course


Quarter Finalist - 7th GNLU Moot on Investment and Securities Law, 2023
Quarter Finalist - 5th ILSCA National Mediation Competition, 2022
Qualified Memorial Selection - 14th 
NALSAR Justice B.R. Sawhny Moot, 2021
Rank 5 - Speaker for Preliminary Rounds - NLIU Justice R.K. Tankha Memorial International Arbitration Moot, 2021
Winner - XV Internal Moot Court Competition, 2020
Winner - 1st Online Trial Moot Court Competition, 2020
Winner and Best Memorial - Novice Moot Court, 2020

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Will we get certificate for the course?

Yes, sample certificate is displayed above. You will get the certificate once you finish the tests and the classes

What if I miss a class?

We provide recording of every class, so even if you miss a class you can watch the recording

How long can I access the classes?

1 Year

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