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Student at Amity university Lucknow

Hey, the course was super amazing as I am a beginner in this field, and was thinking to join something so as to overcome the trauma of the covid era that took over all our precious time to learn something new. Also the fact that I was way too endowed to learn about this subject because I have been having this keen interest in learning about the same. The teachers were very friendly, knowledgeable and experienced which will definitely help me in my future endeavours. Thank you so much for offering this great opportunity.

Adv. Sana Khan


Thankyou for such an amazing course.. I actually enjoyed learning from it… being into practice I am now shifting to corporate law and I was finding it tough some or the other way this course has actually helped me learn

Mohd. Faizan Chaudhary

Advocate & Legal Consultant

This is to Lawlevelup that certainly helped me broaden my horizons in the "Arbitration" domain. The certificate course added valuable information as its content got well covered and demonstrated the concepts very well. Overall, I had a fantastic journey ! Thanks a ton for such a wonderful platform.

Divya Jain

Student at Amity university Lucknow 

The course was really outstanding and it's going to help me in my semesters . With these sessions ,genuine knowledge has made Arbitration interesting and diverted my interest towards Arbitration. The highlights given by all the great speakers really mesmerized me.

Akhil Gupta


The course was formulated really nicely. The way the lectures were made with practical know how and tips shared by experts in the legal industry really helps professionally and academically as well.

What will you learn ?

Module 1

Introduction to Domestic & International Arbitration

Define and distinguish between domestic and international arbitration
Describe various arbitration institutions and their roles
Outline the legal frameworks and conventions that govern arbitration
Practical tips on career building

Module 2

Arbitrability of disputes

Criteria that determine whether disputes can be arbitrated
Evaluating jurisdictional and subject matter limitations, determining the scope of arbitration authority in various legal contexts
Influence of public policy on arbitrability, identifying disputes excluded due to societal and legal imperatives
Consideration of relevant case relating to arbitrability

Module 3

Forum Selection & Arbitral Process

Examining strategic considerations in selecting an arbitration forum, focusing on location, legal framework, and institution reputation
Discussing the formulation of arbitration agreements and choice of specific arbitration rules for clarity and specificity.
Outlining the process for appointing arbitrators, emphasizing qualifications, neutrality, and parties' influence in selection
Reviewing procedural steps in arbitration, including pleadings, evidence, hearings, and tribunal's role in managing proceedings

Module 4

Making of an Arbitral Award & Types of Awards

Delving into the arbitrators' decision-making process for crafting an arbitral award
Understanding the distinctions between final, partial, and interim awards in arbitration
Analyzing the criteria and legal standards guiding the formulation of arbitral awards
Examining the enforceability and legal implications of various types of arbitral awards

Module 5

Challenging & Enforcing Arbitral Award

Discussing the grounds and procedures for challenging an arbitral award, including issues of jurisdiction and arbitrator misconduct
Exploring the legal framework for enforcing arbitral awards domestically and internationally
Analysing case studies on successful and unsuccessful challenges to arbitral awards
Reviewing the role of national courts in the enforcement process and the interplay with international arbitration conventions

Module 6

Drafting in Arbitration

Overview of the arbitration process and the critical role of drafting in arbitration agreements
Key elements and clauses to include in arbitration agreements, with a focus on enforceability
Strategies for drafting effective arbitration awards, including language, structure, and adherence to legal standards
Case studies and practical examples to illustrate common challenges and best practices in arbitration drafting

Module 7

Developing field – Analysis of recent case laws

Examination of recent influential case laws in arbitration, highlighting their impact on current practices and legal precedents
Analysis of evolving trends and themes in arbitration jurisprudence, including shifts in international arbitration norms
Discussion on how recent case laws have affected arbitration agreements, proceedings, and enforcement across different jurisdictions
Practical insights and implications for practitioners, drawing from real-world case studies and expert interpretations of recent rulings

Who is this course for ?

Law students

Who want to gain practical insights and be industry ready for their job or internship.

Lawyers & Advocates

Who want to get better at handling arbitration cases. Teaches them how to write strong arbitration agreements and understand the latest court decisions.

Interested in Arbitration

Who have a keen interest in knowing the practical/theoretical aspect of arbitration

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Yes, sample certificate is displayed above. You will get the certificate once you finish the tests and the classes.

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We provide recording of every class, so even if you miss a class you can watch the recording.

How long can I access the classes?

You have total 2 months access to the course. We have kept the timeline limited because we want you to complete the course in a timely manner.

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